Sunday, May 16, 2010

Off time

When you can't be on your favorite trout stream, I would recommend taking the time to fish the nearest pond or lake! Not only does this allow you to stay on top of your casting, you might get into some great fishing. During the work weeks of the summer months when I can't be in SW Wisconsin fly fishing for trout, I normally fly fish for bass the last hour and a 1/2 before dark, slapping deer hair bugs on top water and popping them until I rise a bass! Most rises will be fast and the fish will hammer your top water fly of choice! I normally fish w/ my 5 wt. Rod and I use a weedless green/orange deer hair bug. Look for submerged logs, high water levels that go into the banks wooded edges, docks, and any other structure that will hold bass! It's a fun and relaxing time to hop in a canoe or kayak and catch some Bass, the winds will be dying and the water will be calm, and you get to catch a sunset before you have to get back and get some shut eye for the next day of work!