Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wisconsins Officially Closed Trout Season for the Winter.

So the season is officially closed and I have been very busy Bowhunting and filming with a trip to Gillette, WY with Jana Waller, Bruce Langer, and Dakota Case all fellow HCO partners. Honey Creek Outdoors also has a blog... Here is the link to that, enjoy. The trip was Sept. 6th through the 12th and we were all bowhunting for antelope. Other than hunting I have been very busy with college! It's beginning to be the end of hunting season, so my mind will be turning to SCOUTING/SHED HUNTING and soon fly fishing again! Tricos were coming off good and the nymph fishing was fantastic as usual. Particularly on the BG I didn't have the greatest luck w/ Hoppers...but, I did find that I had good luck w/ beetles and ants! Stay tuned and I'll be posting some more... I have some left over pictures of some trout I have caught at the end of this trout season!

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