Monday, June 7, 2010

Get creative on the stream!!

When it comes to fly fishing, I don't tie my own flies but, if I did I would be pretty creative!! Here is a picture of this past weekend, getting creative on the go to catch some natural driftless area brown trout! By getting creative on the stream, this will lead to you learning new strategies and will have you increase your hookups, which is what most of us want! It just so happened to work out, and this brown/black eggy-wan-Knobi was grabbing the trouts attention, resulting in the fish then seeing an unweighted emerger pattern, and snatching it quickly before it past...

Here is a quick glance at some of the flies I carry in my small pouch for short fishing trips. What you don't see is my other box of hidden flies in the next compartment which consists of caddis(dry flies, emerger patterns, and nymph patterns), the same consists for Blue winged olives, crane flies, and many other patterns. Make sure when you are fly fishing, you have a very basic selection of flies, and also a wide variety doesn't hurt. I like to carry both, some days I feel I need alot to pick from, and other days I stay simple. I can recall one day already this year when I went to the river with mostly nymphs, forgot my dry fly box, and had to run back up the hill to get the correct Caddis dry fly to catch all the trout crazily rising to a tan caddis hatch. Morale of the story, before you go fishing make sure you have the correct flies for the area you plan to visit, or you may come up empty handed!

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