Sunday, June 6, 2010

The "bear" necessities...

If you are a die-hard fly fisherman/woman you all know what happens with some of your equipment, especially when you first get to the stream and your excited and you have tunnel vision of rising trout, you LOSE things!!! Thats why I choose to wear Orvis Sunglasses, which are $50 and come in handy! These glasses will produce great results, are inexpensive, and you won't be too upset if you happen to break, scratch, or totally loose them. Just think, those lost glasses could be your $200 Oakleys...which happened to me!! These glasses will help you see fish rise to your hares ear, notice a trout you spooked, or last but not least for Guides who purchase alot of sunglasses to provide for their clients if they happen to forget, lose, or break their own glasses!

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