Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Father Son Weekend

Itook my father out for his first time fly fishing adventure with me on the Driftless Area trout streams. We fished the big green river/Little green river in Grant county and had a great weekend. I was a little nervous that his casting might not be good enough to present flies well enough to these wary brown trout. A little coffee and a good breakfast and we were off to a private piece of a river that we had permission to fish on! I knew there were going to be some big trout in here and it was just a matter of time before we got into them. Well, as we started to work the stream up we noticed that we were spooking some good trout as the water was very clear. We went into stealth mode and found a good looking lie, a good cast, and a fast hook set left us empty handed. As you all know when you are anticipating a bite you might jump the trigger a little too quick and rip the fly right out of the trouts mouth. We both had a rod and I was mosty guiding so I had a 4wt. rod rigged with a nymph set up(for the runs) and the 5wt. rigged up with a streamer(for the deep pools). We came to a really nice pool and hadn't spooked any trout and that is when my dad caught his first brown on a fly rod! Here are a couple of the trout that we took pics. of-the one on the left is a brown I caught and the rest are my dads! All in all the trip was a success and I had a great time with my dad! I posted a video on my facebook but, the video did not upload the whole thing so there is only a 2 min. video that doesn't show much of our trip!

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