Sunday, August 23, 2009

New England Fly Fishing

I moved from Massachusetts when I was 7 years old and came to Wisconsin! My very close cousin graduated this year so my family got together and we headed to Massachusetts. A 16 hour drive and we finally arrived. I set two days aside to just fly fish these beautiful waters and do nothing else. I hooked up with a friend of mine who guides on the Deerfield River ( and the other rivers in that area. My dad dropped me off and we were off to the river. We had a good 30-40 min. drive in the country where Marcus checked other streams as we drove by and what not. We finally got to a section that was the catch and release section where we hit it off really well. I've never been exposed to crowded fishing ( a fisherman 30 yds. on your left and right) It is a very neat experience and the other fishermen were very curtious and had great stream etiquette. Well, we pulled three good fish out of the run on a caddis emerger in a creamish/green color. The damn let loose around 10 or so and the rest of the day was chasing the flow down river. Marcus knew of a good spot by a bridge where he normally puts in the drift boat so we hit that section, and we had the whole stretch to ourselves. The river was crystal clear and the caddis/mayflies were hatching everywhere. I picked and chose fish that were rising and caught around 6 or 7 good browns and rainbows. I had a blast and learned a few tricks Marcus had up his sleeve. I can't wait to go back again and do a flot trip this time around!

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