Wednesday, August 19, 2009

River Report

Aug. 15/16th- Streams were running crystal clear! The weather was mid summer conditions: foggy and a comfortable 60 dgrs. in the morning and warming up to the high 70's lower 80's. Trico fishing was on in the morning lasting till around 9 a.m. Fish were caught on tandem rig nymph set ups during the afternoon. When I set up a tandem rig I usually tie on a bigger fly (big for me/ the driftless area) usually a size 16 mayfly or caddis nymph. I attach my dropper with a Clinch knot and how long the dropper is all depends on what type of water I am fishing. Faster water is usually not as long as a big deep slow pool. In the afternoons tie on a beetle, ant, or a hopper with a dropper (copper john, midge, the list goes on) Afternoon I usually try to match the late evening hatch which at this time of year it was a yellow mayfly about size 22! Keep lots of floatant handy and a drag free drift should have you hooked up!

The streams S. of the Wisconsin River in Grant county were hit with some rains so some of the bigger/siltier streams may be still chocolate milk! Look to fish the smaller streams/tributaries.

*My go to fly for the weekend was a Black Trico with a white foam top for visability.

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